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Journal Name: Ethikos – Journal of practical business ethics

(Circulation: United States)

 Can ethics be monitored?


Journal Name: Compliance and Ethics Professional 

(Circulation: United States)

Anti-bribery programs: A web of ethical and legal dilemmas

Key elements of an anti-bribery/ corruption framework

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and UK Bribery Act in developing countries

Journal Name: HealthCare Compliance Today

(Circulation: United States)

HIPAA causes inefficiency at healthcare institutions: Can it be overcome?

Fraud: cancer to the healthcare domain

Occupational Safety and Health Administration Compliance for inpatient facilities

Magazine Name: Asia Mena Counsel 

(Circulation: South East Asia)

The perils of a general counsel


Magazine Name: Framework by Thomson Reuters

(Circulation: The Middle East & Africa)

What Fraudsters Know that we Don’t: Financial statement fraud

FIFA’s Red Card (Based on FCPA and RICO)


Magazine Name: IA Middle East

(Circulation: The Middle East)

Effective Whistle-blowing hotlines

Common Pitfalls During a Fraud Investigation


Online Media: LAW360.COM

(Circulation: Across the globe)

Whistle-blowing Hotline: Pitfall  and Solutions